Maintaining Mental Wellbeing While Remote Working

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4 tips for Maintaining Mental Wellbeing While Remote Working

Remote working looks certain to be incorporated into the new normal to some degree with staff across the country proving they can maintain productivity and in some cases enjoy higher efficiency from working from home management are now looking towards a future safe in the knowledge that employee trust can be maintained.

A huge consideration for responsible employers through the mass adoption of remote working is maintaining mental health amongst colleagues whilst working from home.  We have outlined 4 useful tips you can share with colleagues or connections to promote positive mental wellbeing while working remotely.

  • Flexible Routine – Having a routine is important when it comes to the working week, the mass migration to remote working has thrown routines off track and some employees may struggle with the adjustment. Building a routine for your working hours can lead to more focus and increase productivity.  Some employees will prefer a flexible routine and it’s important that all routines allow for an element of flexibility so the needs of cohabitants like children, partners or pets can be factored in and accounted for.  It is not always possible to segregate family time and work time whilst remote working awareness of this can improve mental wellbeing and allow employees to be relaxed about dealing with situations that might arise in the knowledge they will make the time up.  It is worth attempting to establish simple routines such as coffee breaks that would normally be enjoyed in the office, these don’t require much self-control but do help to normalise the working day.  Where possible make dedicated time for work and leisure, realise that sticking to these times is important but allow yourself a degree of flexibility.  You may want to devise a schedule that has short bursts of focussed work with small breaks at the end.  Having and sticking to set wake up times and building exercise into your daily routine can have huge benefits towards a healthy mind.


  • Colleague Check-ins – This can involve check ins between all members of staff and doesn’t have to be a management led activity. Encourage employees to schedule time to talk to each other, this can lead to increased collaboration and innovative ideas through problem solving. While working remotely we are missing out on those moments of interaction that can inspire innovation in the work place so encouraging colleague check ins can bring back that sense of togetherness and promote a collaborative company culture.  The topics could be left flexible but some might be more purposeful and focussed on the specific needs of the organisation.



  • Environment – The importance of having a comfortable working environment is crucial to getting in the right headspace for work.maintaining mental wellbeing while remote working If possible, work in a different room than the one you spend your leisure time in, separating living space from working space is important and can help productivity. If you don’t have the option of working in a separate room and are forced to work in your bedroom or living room, make sure your environment is conducive to home working with a proper desk set up.  Consider tidying your work away when you are finished so that it isn’t a constant reminder of work when you are relaxing in the same space.


  • Switch Off – in a world of hyper-connectivity the temptation to be permanently switched on by constantly checking emails or opening the laptop to check progress of ongoing tasks. For a positive mindset it is important to switch off from work outside working hours, being constantly available can lead to increased stress levels and a create a level of expectancy amongst clients or colleagues that you are available on demand. By switching off you allow your mind to relax.  By engaging in absorbing activities like experimental cooking, mindfulness meditation, sport, or playing with your children or pets after work allows the opportunity to tune out from work related pressures.

For further information on maintaining mental wellbeing and mindfullness visit MindPanda here.

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