Championing Charities Throughout Lockdown Challenges

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From helping the homeless to supporting those with mental illnesses, charities are an integral part of our society and many rely on donations for their success.  While the whole world has slowed down over the past year the work of charities across the country has taken on a more crucial role than ever as the economic and social impacts of lockdown become apparent.

William Ham, Fundraising Manager at the British Heart Foundation, highlighted how important it has been to continuously support charities throughout this time. He said: “Sadly, while the world has been on lockdown, heart and circulatory diseases have continued to tear families apart and snatch away people’s quality of life.  But with the public’s continued support we can, and will, lessen the suffering they cause”.  The BHF are just one of many well-supported charities by our clients that have been gifted donations as a result of our clients supporting them at our Business Fours golf events.

Dave Webster, Founder at Burn Camps, winner of £2,045 as a result of TBL Fire & Protection lifting the national golf title in 2020, said: “It is only through the generosity of people and companies that we are able to organize and run residential camps and day trips for the many young burns survivors we support nationally.”

Many companies work closely alongside charities that hold a special place in their heart, while others select a different charity each year to maximise the support, they offer their local communities. Business Fives events provide a way for people to do what they love, play football, golf, or esports, and raise money for causes while doing so.

Krish Adams, Senior Recruitment Consultant from Carrington West who took part in the March Business Esports events said: ‘We do our best to raise money for three different charities, we do that in a variety of different ways. Business Esports just seemed like another way I could do what I was already doing in an evening but put it to good use and raise some money’.

Charity is a huge driver behind why clients get involved in Business Fives events with almost £200,000 raised for local charities throughout the UK.

At the Business Fours Scotland National Golf Final last October, Howden Compressors were crowned champions and won a £1,250 donation for Maggies.

Laura Tulloch, Centre Fundraising Manager at Maggie’s said: “I’m absolutely delightedChampioning Charities throughout Lockdown Challenges to accept this generous donation on behalf of the visitors, volunteers, and staff at the Glasgow Maggie’s centre. The centre is funded almost entirely by voluntary donations, and like so many other organisations our fundraising has been hard hit this year. Throughout everything we have been there to support people with cancer, but we couldn’t do that without the continued support of people and companies like Howden Compressors, so this donation is very gratefully received.”

Check out our upcoming golf and esports events for more information on how you can get involved to raise money for your chosen charity.



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