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Virtual Networking Experience

As we all know, physical networking events have temporarily been halted due the ongoing global pandemic, but this doesn’t mean you and your firm can’t interact and expand your network.

The Esports industry has become more and more popular over the last few years and during lockdown has become a massive part of people’s life. It allows an escapism that the outside world cannot currently offer.

Whether playing as an individual, with friends or colleagues, the sense of community amongst gamers is greater than ever. With more players since the beginning of lockdown last year, friends and colleagues can increasingly relate to their online gaming experiences. The post work pint has been replaced by a quick hour or two on the console.

With technology better than ever and online servers allowing players from everywhere to connect and converse, there is a sense that esports have never been more relevant.

Many companies have taken advantage of the lack of social activity and the overindulgence of Zoom quiz nights by jumping in with both feet to the esports world.

One of the main benefits of Corporate Esports is networking. Coming together with likeminded people can only be a positive for individuals and firms.

Business has been challenging for millions of people throughout the past year but connecting with likeminded people can have a massive benefit for individuals and firms.

Our Business Esports events have allowed companies from across the UK and beyond to connect not just on the virtual battlefield or pitch but on LinkedIn and beyond.

Over 230 players competed in our March esports tournament and building and maintaining a relationship with potential clients, partners or future colleagues can be crucial. All the tools are provided for you to connect with everyone. Whether you want to build relationships on the live chat, in private or in-game there’s certainly potential for growth and business opportunities.

Allowing companies to have access to our live chat 24/7, gives them a real sense of community where they can communicate with teammates and opponents. Our player profiles enables them to put a face to the players who they have been competing against.

We caught up with Ben Mckean from Selectec who had a few things to say about networking at our Business Esports events.

“I absolutely love the social side of it. We’re a social bunch, and we’ve not been able to do that for over a year and something like this helps bring the joy and happiness back so we appreciate that.”

Chris Pless from CAN Group also spoke to us about getting involved and sharing the competitive spirit with others.

“Within the CAN Group, we are very people focused and we do get involved in a lot of physical events and it’s been quite frustrating that we haven’t been able to do to do much but this was something different and competitive and different”

The relationships built in one tournament can be long-lasting and can continue into our next esports events. When our physical golf and football events return in summer, firms can really start to put faces to the names of players they came across on the virtual battle ground.

The old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more true…


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