Esports: a welcomed way to relax and disconnect

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Over the last 16 months, with the closure of gyms and many team sports on pause, we have had to get creative in the ways in which we keep fit. Home workouts, daily walks and running challenges are among some of the crazes sweeping the nation.

A big takeaway from the pandemic is how vital our health is and the importance of making our health a priority. Reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes, improving memory and brain function and boosting your overall mood are among the many benefits of leading a fit and active lifestyle.

The last 12 months have not only had a huge impact on people’s physical health, but remote working and limited socialising have also impacted the majority of people’s mental well-being too.

Many companies have been adapting their practices to ensure they are supporting their employees.

In March one of our esports clients, Superscript ran a wellness festival for their employees where they could attend sessions such as meditation and yoga or hear from guest speakers.  Ben Davis talked about how Superscript made a real effort to focus on employee culture and employee wellbeing.

He said: ‘Superscript is making sure that everybody has ample time to unwind and turn off the laptop and phone when they need to. Superscript has been really good at helping give resources to us. They have given really good access to mental health resources throughout this entire thing and paid for our therapy sessions if we wanted.’

After taking part in the January Business Esports event, Ben was delighted to work alongside Business Fives to organise a Superscript Charity Esports Tournament for the London insurance industry as a way to unwind and keep the sector connected. Esports has been a welcomed way for gamers to relax and disconnect from reality during this time.

Business Esports’ bi-monthly tournaments have provided a platform to allow colleagues to stay connected within their teams as well as network with other like-minded professionals from other businesses.

Alex Maxam from LADbible described our March Business Esports tournament as ‘a nice break from the mundane-ness of everything at the moment’. LADbible is another company raising awareness of mental wellbeing, not only in-house but within society as well, with its ‘UOKM8?’ campaign. The team played in support of MIND, a fantastic charity who are tackling the mental health crisis we are facing. Our March Esports event saw 10 teams supporting the charity with several donations being won at the event for them.

If you’re a gamer looking to unwind whilst raising money for your chosen charity, check out our upcoming Business Esports event. Or, if you can’t wait to be back out on the green, check out our website here for more info on our 2021 golf events.


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