5 Tips to Increase Your Exposure Through Business Esports

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Communicating your brand message has evolved significantly in recent times with the increased importance of online exposure in a traditional media mix. Generating positive authentic content that isn’t related directly to your core business activities can be a challenge for any company.

Our clients have extracted marketing value by using our events as an opportunity to align their brand with a company committed to promoting corporate social responsibility.  The positive PR generated by companies that get involved in our events has both external and internal marketing value. 

Companies that take pride in their company culture providing opportunities that enable staff to get involved in corporate charity events can significantly boost staff morale, enable camaraderie in a remote workplace, as well as affinity to the company they work for.  Because competing as a team with colleagues increases the sense of pride in the workplace that stems from staff representing the company externally at networking events.

Content generation strategies are a large focus of many modern marketing departments.  By getting involved in our events, our clients have a positive message to talk about.  Below we have shared 5 pieces of pre event content ideas that can be generated: 

  1.       Charity partnerships and importance of CSR to your company
  2.       Tapping into competitive nature by sharing online fundraising pages that inspire suppliers and clients alike
  3.       Video content generation in the form of player interviews
  4.       Sharing online player profiles to increase excitement in the build up for events.
  5.       Engaging with competing clients online in friendly rivalry.

All these before the events even start and these are just some of the content that we’ve seen generated.  Innovative companies have produced videos before, after and during the events. 

When the events are in full flow, clients have several other marketing assets at their disposal to successfully keep their network updated with their progress during the event through the use of highly shareable and engaging content. The possibilities are vast but here are just 5 of our top tips:

  1.       Live streams shared so spectators can follow the action
  2.       Online stories and social media snippets from the event
  3.       Engaging with score updates from Business Fives social media channels
  4.       Sharing team photos and action shots
  5.       Producing branded marketing collateral detailing who else is attending

After the event there is even more content to be extracted with various different assets at your disposal, here are our top 5:

  1.       Detailed reports shared far and wide keeping your network informed of how it went
  2.       Updates on how much the team fundraised
  3.       How many goals/kills(esports)/shots(golf) were racked up during the event
  4.       Highlights from your companies perspective through live streams or short clips
  5.       Galleries of pictures from the event5 Tips to Increase Your Exposure

All this content ready to go and you don’t have to create any of it from scratch, most of the content outlined above is included as standard procedure in our events and we are always happy for our clients to utilise the marketing assets we’ve produced. 

 Check out how our client Superscript marketed their charity Esports event here.

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