Keeping Companies Connected through Business Esports

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The way in which we interact with colleagues has changed dramatically over the last year.  No longer can we offer to make colleagues a cup of tea or stand around the water cooler/printer (insert other favourite office cliches here) having some general chit chat.  The downside of remote working has lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection from what once was a thriving company culture.

Preservation of company culture is a hard metric for companies to quantify.  The fact that culture is hard to measure and intangible doesn’t make it any less important to keeping staff connected with the company vision and values.

Teams are looking for new ways to bond and form lasting working relationships outside the work environment and Business Esports has fostered an environment conducive to strengthening those connections.  Whether it be golf, football or esports events our clients have consistently rated teambuilding as the joint top reason for getting taking part in our events alongside supporting their chosen charity with a significant amount also citing mental health, downtime and relaxing as a driver.

Communication within teams is now instantaneous with widespread use of platforms such as Teams and Slack enjoying a surge in the popularity of instant messaging. The use of Discord is highly popular during our Esports events to maximize teambuilding allowing colleagues to chat throughout the event.

Discussing the teambuilding impact on the GBE Converge office from recently being involved in our March event, Sales Manager Jacob Fish said “it has brought members of the team together that don’t usually work together during normal day to day operations.  It has been great internally to get people together to talk to different departments and having spoken with some of the other companies involved they have said similar things.”

Business Esports Team Building

Kris MacDonald from Sabio enjoyed the team building aspect of our March Esports event. He said “I enjoyed catching up with co-workers outside of work and also meeting new people from across the country in different industries before crushing them in competition” with Dominic Kennedy from Autocab citing “getting to know my team mates better” as the aspect he enjoyed the most.

Over the past year we have seen an upsurge in demand for internal teambuilding events around esports as well and through our event management and consultancy we have been able to deliver several bespoke events tailored to our clients employee engagement goals. One of those projects was delivered to an Oil & Gas client with 6 nationalities represented as colleagues from France, Sweden, Brazil, USA, Scotland and England all joined together online to take part in the action.

Feedback from participants was hugely positive from actively engaged colleagues.  This was summed up perfectly by Andre Machado based in Austin, Texas “Great organization. Let’s do more in the future. Really liked and enjoyed playing with my international colleagues.”

With Ross Melville his Scottish colleague saying “Well done for organising thisinitiative and a huge thanks to the Employee Forum for the support also. For me it was a terrific event, really well polished in terms of organisation and great fun! It was fantastic to speak to colleagues from across the UK, the Americas and Europe. Looking forward to the next event!”

Another huge positive in the rise of remote teambuilding events has enabled event organisers to overcome geographical barriers and allow companies to not only connect colleagues in different departments but also strengthen relationships across various site locations.

If you are looking for your next team bonding session then check out what events we have coming up or get in touch with us to see how we could support a company wide employee engagement event tailored to your needs.


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