5 A Side Rules & Event Information

5 A Side Rules

Our event format is set up to maximise your enjoyment of our Business Fives event, here you will find our 5 a side Rules and event information.  Each team will have the opportunity to make as many connections as possible on the day with fellow professionals and colleagues alike both on and off the pitch.


Round Robin tournament format

Round robin league with teams initially playing for position in Champions League, Europa League and intertoto cup groups.

The tournament then progresses into 2 separate knock out phases with winners of which will progress on to the Semi Final and latterly to the Final.  Minimum of three teams will qualify for the national final from each event.

Players are reminded that they are representing their company and the tournament is to be played in a competitive but fair and courteous manner.

Max 8 players per team, mixed teams £450 + VAT (£495 + VAT for London) per team which includes:

  • Goody bag for each player on arrival
  • Networking drinks reception and guest speakers
  • Minimum of 5 ten minute games
  • Prizes for winning team, runner up, Man of the match in the final, top goalscorer, ladies player of the tournament, top fundraisers
  • Buffet for players after tournament
  • 10% entry fee donation to charity


1345-1445: Registration and Networking

14:30-17:00 Tournament

17:00- 18:30 Drinks Reception, Buffet and Awards Presentation


General Rules:

Here are the 5 A Side Rules for teams taking part in Business Fives events:

Teams must consist of at least 5 players, 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players

Squads can consist of up to 8 players, rolling subs allowed during each match.

Team entry costs £395 + VAT and fees must be paid prior to taking part.  You may book online here.

Matches will be independently refereed to the 5 A Side Rules, there is a zero tolerance policy for lack of respect towards referees.

Spaces are limited at each event and teams are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Players are required to register and sign a waiver at 2pm on the day of the event.

Matches are played on a 3G surface and astroturf boots will be perfect but players can also wear mouldies and blades, metal studs are not permitted.

5 A Side Rules of play

1: Matches length is ten minutes long, unless otherwise notified, and there is no change of ends.

2:  In the round robin stage 3 points will be awarded for a victory and one for a draw.

3: Substitutions will be rolling throughout the game with one on, one off.

4: Backpasses to the keeper will only be permitted once the ball has touched 2 or more outfield players from the team.

5: The keeper may not touch the ball outside of the D.

6:  The ball may be played above head height.

7: Slide tackles are not permitted.

8: When someone scores, play will resume from the keeper.

9: Outfield players are allowed in the goalkeepers area but may not touch the ball inside the D, if they do a penalty will be awarded against defensive players and a free kick against offensive players.

10: Players may score from free kicks and defensive players must stand two yards from the ball.

11: If the ball leaves the pitch, play will resume with a kick in.

12: Players may not score direct from a kick in.

13: Swearing at the referee is an automatic sending off offence.

14: The referee’s decision is final. The referee may send off any player for verbal abuse.

15: ALL players must wear shinpads.  The onus is on the players to mitigate any potential risks involved in playing football and the organiser accepts no liability for any injuries that may occur on the field of play.

16: A red card in any match will result in the player being excluded for the rest of the tournament.

17: Maximum squad size is 8 (five players and 3 subs)

18: The event is open to any player who is 16 or over.

19: If teams are not at the correct pitch 2 minutes before kick off time they will forfeit the game 3-0.

20: For the knock out rounds sudden death penalties will decide any games that end in a draw.

21: Round robin group positions will be decided by points, then goal difference, then goals scored, then goals against, then the head to head result against that team in the group. In the unlikely event that teams are still equal when all this is taken into account, then progression to the knockout stages shall be settled with a sudden death penalty shoot out.

22: If a team receives more than 3 red or yellow cards this may lead to disqualification.

23: The organiser reserves the right to remove any team from the tournament at any time for not adhering to the 5 A Side Rules.

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