Business Esports April Rocket League Tournament

Below you will be able to find all the results from our April Rocket League Tournament.

Team captains will be invited into the lobby by our tournament host.  Team captains are expected to add their squads into the lobby before rounds start. Players will be provided with their opponent’s details before the scheduled map. The League format will be updated live and accessible here along with your fellow player profiles.

League position will be updated live as we receive confirmed results.

You may need to refresh this page to allow spreadsheet changes to take effect

Full rules for our Rocket League tournament are available here.

Avaloq Team


Epic ID: smu662
First console: Sega Mega Drive
Favourite Game: Hogs of War
Favourite Gaming Memory: Late night Guitar Hero sessions with friends
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Charity, networking, and an excuse to play Rocket League


Epic ID: DerpityDerper
First console: Playstation 1
Favourite Game: Fallout: New Vegas
Favourite Gaming Memory: Beating Black Ops 3’s Der Eisendrache easter egg with friends
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Seems like a fun way to raise for charity and meet people (and an excuse to play Rocket League)


Epic ID: KarlF32
First console: PS1
Favourite Game: Skyrim
Favourite Gaming Memory: Warzone in the first lockdown
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Playing Rocket League during the work day, & of course, charity!

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