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Business Esports creates an online environment where professionals come together to game, bond with colleagues and make new connections all while creating a positive impact through fundraising.

Business Esports is a socially driven organisation underpinned by our commitment to donating 10% of revenue to charity.  £195,000 and counting has been raised for charities across the UK through our events and we encourage all entrants to fundraise in advance for the charity of your choice with our charity donation being divided between the winners of our various tournament sections.

Our clients are considering the impact remote working is having on the mental wellbeing of staff and wondering how to preserve company culture whilst working from home. We feel it is important to continue to encourage employees to be mentally stimulated whilst working in isolation.  Teamwork is crucial and the way in which we communicate with our teams is evolving, our events embrace that change and provide an opportunity for colleagues to bond through engaging Esports events.

We host FIFA 21 (xbox and PS), Call of Duty (Cold War & Modern Warfare 19), Warzone, Rocket League and Among Us Tournaments which are open to PC, Xbox or PlayStation gamers. Our COD, Warzone and Rocket League tournaments are cross console and for FIFA 21 all team members must have access to the same brand of console whilst Among Us can be played on any device.

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Upcoming Tournaments

Business Esports Upcoming Tournaments


Start at 1800 each evening

4 players per team plus subs

September Call of Duty Esports Tournament

League fixtures played Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd September

Knockout Stages and Finals Night on Friday 24th September

November Call of Duty Esports Tournament

League Matches played Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th November

Knockouts & Finals Night on Friday 26th November

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All companies taking part will have their presence branded and additional marketing exposure will be available through sponsorship packages associated with Business Esports events.


We are maintaining our commitment to charity and 10% of revenue from our Tournaments will be donated to the chosen charity of the overall winning teams.

This prize pot will be made up of revenue from sponsorship packages associated with Business Esports events.

All participants and companies getting involved in Business Esports will be encouraged to fundraise and donate for their chosen charities in the build up to the tournament.

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