Chapter Esports FIFA Tournament

Welcome to the Chapter Esports February FIFA 21 Tournament updates.  Download the joining instructions from this link chapter-esports-joining-instructions-february-fifa-tournament

The link to the Chapter Esports Discord chat is here 

Winner of the Tournament will be crowned Chapter 21 Fifa Champion and receive a International Football Shirt of their choice. 

Here you will be able to find your upcoming fixture for the XBOX league or PlayStation league.  It is advised that all players add each other as friends on their console in advance, you will find the players gamertags in the worksheets.

To find your fixtures, click on the relevant worksheet on the bottom left-hand corner of the spreadsheet to find your relevant group.  For example to find your fixtures for the PS Group B you would click on the ‘PS Group B’ worksheet to find your fixtures.

To find your current standings navigate to the relevant fixture worksheet to find your group table.

The scores will be updated live as we receive the confirmed results from both players and you can check here to keep up to date with your teams progress by refreshing the page.

Players must be familiar with the rules before taking part and you can find these here.

If you have any problems or issues reading the spreadsheet please drop us an email by clicking here

Tournament format:
• All individuals in the same tournament sections must have access to the same brand of console either an Xbox or PlayStation and have a copy of FIFA 21 installed with an Xbox Gold or PSN Plus account.
• Players can register and submit gamertag via the Challenger Mode link here.
• A ‘fixture’ is one 12-minute FIFA game
• 5-minute turnaround between fixtures
• Week 1 Round Robin initial phase, groups of 8 playing each opponent in the group once. Game Nights Tuesday 9th February (3 fixtures) & Thursday 11th February (4 fixtures). 6pm kick off.
• Week 2 Group stages of Champions League and Europa League Sections, groups of 8. Game Nights Tuesday 16th (3 fixtures) & Thursday 18th February (4 fixtures). 6pm kick off.
• Week 3 Knockout section with double elimination (meaning each team gets a minimum 2 knockout round fixtures)
• Quarter final of Champions League and Europa League knockout tournament, Progressing to Semi Finals of both sections and latterly the Finals of both sections. Knockouts and Finals night on Thursday 25th February.

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