Dover FS Global Esports Tournament

FIFA Tournament For Global Dover Fueling Solutions Employees

Welcome to the Dover FS FIFA 21  Global Esports Tournament updates.  Dover Fueling Solutions are delighted to host this global esports tournament for colleagues across the globe to come together and have some fun playing FIFA 21.

The tournament will be held online and open to any Dover FS employee with access to a PlayStation or XBOX console with a copy of FIFA 21 installed.  Should you not have access to FIFA 21 contact us and we will get you set up.

Here you will be able to find your upcoming fixture for the XBOX or PlayStation Leagues.  It is advised that all players add each other as friends on their console in advance, you will find the players gamertags in the worksheets.

To find your fixtures, click on the relevant worksheet on the bottom left-hand corner of the spreadsheet to find your relevant group.  For example to find your fixtures for the Xbox Group A matches you would click on the ‘Xbox Group A’ worksheet to find your fixtures.

To find your current standings navigate to the relevant fixture worksheet to find your fixtures.

The scores will be updated live as we receive the confirmed results from both players and you can check here to keep up to date with your teams progress by refreshing the page.

Players must be familiar with the rules before taking part and you can find these here.

If you have any problems or issues reading the spreadsheet please drop us an email by clicking here.  We wish all the players taking part a fantastic tournament and we hope you enjoy it.


Dover FS Global Esports Tournament Proves a Success

The inaugural Dover FS Global Esports Tournament kicked off in April with colleagues from across the company’s international locations signed up to take part in the online FIFA tournament.

There were 6 nationalities represented in total as colleagues from France, Sweden, Brazil, USA, Scotland and England all joined together online to take part in the action.

108 matches took place with 596 goals scored in total on the way to crowning a winner of the XBOX and PlayStation versions of the tournament, respectively.

Feedback from participants was hugely positive and summarised below you will find just some of the positive posts received from actively engaged colleagues.  This was summed up perfectly by Andre Machado who is based in Austin, Texas “Great organization. Let’s do more in the future. Really liked and enjoyed playing with my DFS colleagues.”

The action was fast paced across two evenings with qualification spread out to accommodate work patterns and after over 50 qualifying matches colleagues were separated into Elite and Professional sections to be grouped together with players of a similar standard.  There was a further round of group games before the tournament progressed into the knockout stages.

Congratulations to all the international participants who took part in the tournament that was played in great spirits throughout.  Here is the full list of winners:

Elite Champions:

XBOX – Benjamin Pouchin, France

PS – Sean Thomson, Scotland

Elite Runners Up:

XBOX – Jack Lightfoot, Scotland

PS – Ryan Strachan, Scotland

Professional Sections:

PS Pro Champion– Aaron Crane, Scotland

PS Runners Up: Aurelien Jardin, France

XBOX Pro Champion– Jerome Hughes, England

XBOX Runners Up (joint) – Sam Heaton, England & Andre Machado, USA

“Well done for organising this initiative and a huge thanks to the Employee Forum for the support also. For me it was a terrific event, really well polished in terms of organisation and great fun! It was fantastic to speak to colleagues from across the UK and Europe. Looking forward to the next event! Thanks for the absolute hammering I took in every game.” Ross Melville, Scotland

“Thanks for this tournament it was fun !” – Benjamin Pouchin, France

“Thanks for organising and to all who played I enjoyed that” – Luke Davis, UK

“Great organization. Let’s do more in the future. Really liked and enjoyed playing with my DFS colleagues” – Andre Machado, USA

“This was great hopefully we can do again soon” – Darren Cooper, Dundee

“Thanks for organising this” – Sean Thomson, Dundee

“Thank you very much for the ones who helped to organize this tournament. JB and John you managed it very well 😉 It was a super experience to (try) surviving against very good players. Thanks all for this fun moment. Gold medal for you guys.  ” – Aurelien Jardin, France

“Well organised John McClarey, thank you.  Thanks to you Jean-Baptiste Ozan as well” – Martin Johannson, Sweden

“John, that was great fun thanks for your efforts. Really well organised.” –  Darren Melville, Dundee

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