PS4 FIFA Tournament – April

This webpage will host the PS4 FIFA Tournament updates.

Here you will be able to find your group position as well as your upcoming fixtures.  It is advised that all players in each group add each other as friends on their console in advance, you will find the players gamertags in the fixtures worksheets.  You can find a helpful guide to adding a friend on PS4 online here

To find your fixtures, click on the group worksheet on the bottom left hand corner of the spreadsheet to find your relevant group.  For example a player in Group A would click on the ‘Group A Fixtures’ worksheet to find their teams fixtures.

Each block of 16 fixtures constitutes one ‘match’ i.e. Grant Thornton v Wirecard has 16 fixtures detailed in Group A Fixtures under the section ‘Group A Opening Matches’.

To find your ‘Matches’ these will be in the ‘Group Matches’ worksheet with time and date outlined on there you then you must navigate to the relevant fixture worksheet to find your fixtures.

The scores will be updated live as we receive the confirmed results from both players and you can check here to keep up to date with your teams progress by refreshing the page.

Players must be familiar with the rules before taking part and you can find these here.

If you have any problems or issues reading the spreadsheet please drop us an email by clicking here

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