Rocket League Rules

This page contains the Rocket League Rules about the gameplay and player behaviour within our tournaments. The main thing to remember is to play with respect for your opponent and fellow players.  We have tried to include rules for all situations that might arise but sometimes assistance might be needed and if this is the case, send a message to a member of the Business Esports team. The Rocket League Rules will be reviewed periodically and feedback or amendments will be considered when sent in writing.  Every player has to be aware of the behaviour guidelines and Rocket League Rules in advance of playing.

Match schedules will be posted on the Business Esports webpage before the tournament starts.

The Business Esports team will work under the assumption that each participant is aware of all the Rocket League Rules and checks them regularly although significant rule changes will be communicated.  A lack of knowledge of the rules will not be used as an excuse for rule-breaking.

Players who take part are required to play with the gamertag they have specified. In the event another account is going to be used, submit this to the Business Esports team at the earliest opportunity.

Every participant is required to be online in the Discord chat of the tournament they are participating in

Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.

Players found breaking the rules will be penalised. The exact punishment will be decided by Business Esports Rocket League Rules Admin. Examples of punishments are awarding a loss, replay, penalty points, exiting the tournament early, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

Players found to be complaining about losing a match or found to be playing out with the spirit of the game will be named and shamed as sore losers.

If there are suspicions that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the Rocket League Rules Business Esports team as soon as possible, before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem

Squads can consist of between 3-8 players and substitutes should be named in advance of the tournament.

All participants must check-in 10 minutes before play starts. This should be done via the Discord server tournament lobby. Players who do not check-in within a minimum of 5 minutes cannot be guaranteed a match.

The match schedule will be communicated to players in advance.

The team who plays ‘home’ is responsible for starting a match.

Both team captains are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.

Both team captains are required to take at least one photo of the score each. This photo should contain: the score and the gamertags.

If both teams are ready, play can start before the scheduled time however additional in-play breaks will not be permitted in-game.

When your next round is available in the schedule, you have to start directly. If the round doesn’t start in 15 minutes, the team that doesn’t show up in time will lose that round.

Each team has to register in order to participate, this can be coordinated by a team captain.

Companies will be allowed to substitute players but these must be communicated in advance and no in game substitutions are permitted.

When an online tournament is organised for teams, only the main player needs to register for the tournament but they then assume captaincy and responsibility for the rest of their team. The exact number of matches and tournament format will be dictated by the number of teams entering and will be communicated to all teams in advance. The organiser reserves the right to add or remove players or teams throughout the tournament.

All team members must have access to either PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

Each player must have their game up to date with the latest patch for their system.

Companies may submit teams of between 3-8 players.

Gameplay will be 3v3, or 4v4 if agreed in advance by both team captains

A ‘Match’ – Best-of-5 Games: The Team that wins the majority of the Games is declared the winner. Once a Team wins the number of Games needed to reach the requisite majority, then that Team will be declared the winner of the Match.

A ‘Game’: a single 5 minutes + Overtime competition between two Teams.

1 minute turnaround between games with a 5-minute turnaround between match fixtures.

The team captain has to check in on the Discord channel.

When the servers are going down during a round, and all the participants of the tournament are getting kicked out of the round, the specific round of that match will be played again.

When 2 teams can´t connect in a match, they won´t receive any game points. If there is a possibility, the players can try to reschedule the match. The Business Esports team will make every effort to ensure there is time for the rescheduled match.

When the connection is lost, the round will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score.  Should a team refuse to complete the fixture then a victory will be awarded to the opposition team i.e. if one team disconnects and refuses to complete the match then a 3-0 victory will be awarded.

Should an individual or team disconnect on purpose mid-game on more than one occasion he or she may be disqualified from future fixtures.

During the round robin stages each team will be awarded with 3 points for an aggregate scoreline victory, one point for a draw and no points for a defeat.

Round robin group positions will be decided by points, then the head to head result against that team in the group. In the unlikely event that teams are still equal when all this is taken into account, then progression to the knockout stages shall be settled with a one-off round between 2 nominated players.

Should a match in a knock out round end in a draw after the third round there will be a further team round between equal teams to determine the winner.

It is allowed to change your team i.e. make substitutions during the tournament but not during matches

If a round in a match is unfulfilled the score of the rounds that have been played will decide the match score if the round cannot be rescheduled.

If one or more players does not show up for his or her match, teams may play 2 v 3 but the match will be forfeited if 2 or more players do not show up.

Team size required will be 3 vs 3 players plus subs.  Teams must have a minimum of 2 players to avoid forfeit. Team captains may both also agree to play 4v4 or 2v2.

Captains should make contact, begin adding each other, and discuss reschedules if necessary.

Scores should be recorded in the following manner:

At least one of the team captains must notify Business Esports of the score after finishing the game.

All players are encouraged to take a picture of the result. This photo should contain: the score and the gamertags.

Team Captains need to report the scores within ten minutes after the end of the match.

Players disputing a match score must have a picture to evidence their claims.

When all players report no score or when needed proof of the score, both teams may be disqualified.

When the score of the teams does not match there will be an investigation. Once the investigation has been completed the decision about what score is awarded ultimately rests with the Business Esports. We take conflict seriously and want to provide the best experience for all of our players.

If someone deliberately passes the wrong score, the player or team in question may immediately get excluded from all Business Esports.

When there is no Business Esports admin present at a match conflict, the solution to the conflict between two participants will be postponed until another admin will be online.

All Business Esports participants must treat each other and the organisation with respect.

When a participant has displayed hurtful, offensive or racist expressions towards his/her opponent, they may be immediately disqualified and disciplinary measures will be taken.

Bad language and/or threats against the Business Esports Admin results in an instant disqualification.

In cases of fraudulent activity or players caught cheating, a participant will be disqualified immediately and disciplinary measures will be taken.

All participants are treated the same way by the Business Esports. When found breaking the rules, it will be at the discretion of Business Esports as to the punishment and will be delivered consistently and fairly to all players whilst be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Should a player purposefully disconnect during a match on more than one ocassion disciplinary measures will be taken.

Business Esports Staff

If you have any questions and/or problems, you can contact a member of the Business Esports team.

The participants need to treat the Business Esports crew respectfully.

The Business Esports crew need to treat the participants respectfully.

The Business Esports Admin eventually has the right to make decisions when exceptional situations occur.

Both teams should have the Rocket League game client open and be ready to join at the Match start time.

Check-in will be via Discord so teams will know their opponents are present.

The captain or designated representative from the Home team will create a Private Match in-game with the following parameters:

Game Mode: Soccar

Arena: Home team’s choice.

Arenas/Map Pool: Aquadome, Champions Field, Champions Field (Day), DFH Stadium (Day), DFH Stadium (Stormy), Mannfield, Mannfield (Night), Mannfield (Snowy), Mannfield (Stormy), Neo Tokyo, Salty Shores, Starbase ARC, Urban Central, Urban Central (Dawn), Urban Central (Night), Utopia Coliseum, Utopia Coliseum (Dusk), Utopia Coliseum (Snowy), Wasteland, Wasteland (Night)

Seasonal arenas such as Snow Day and Farmstead can be selected upon approval from the opposing captain.

Team Size: 3v3

Bot Difficulty: No Bots, Team Settings and Mutator Settings: Defaults

Mutators, Series Length: 5 game series

Region: Home team’s choice

Joinable By: Name/Password

After hitting “Create Match”, the Home team rep will enter the following:

Name: (Home Team Name)vs(Away Team Name) – Identifier names are best expressed as 3 characters

Password: bizesports

All players will then join the lobby using the above name and password. The Home team will be Blue, and the Away team will be Orange. Players may not join their assigned side until three players from each team have joined the lobby.

At the conclusion of each Game in the Series, teams will be given the opportunity to take a 1-minute break and communicate if they need to pause the game for any reason. This action can be done by using the in-game chat or communicating externally. Captains can select the in-game Ready button to indicate that they are ready for the next game to begin.

Opponents should provide flexibility and leniency during this break for issues that would normally warrant a Stoppage of Play.

Following the 1-minute break, captains should communicate to their players to not join their assigned side (Home/Away) if the opposing team has requested a break or is in the process of making a substitution and is waiting for their substituted player to join the match.

During this time, in the post-game screen, the Home team representative will change the Arena (available by hitting “Match Settings”) to the next arena of our their choice from the RLCS competitive map pool.


There are currently no equipment, skin, vehicle, etc restrictions.

All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard, are legal. Macro functions are not permitted.

Home/Away team: Home and Away teams will be assigned.

During the regular season, the team on the left side of the Matchup page is the Home team. The team on the right side is Away.

Spectator slots: Spectator slots may be occupied by Casters, players from either team not currently playing. Such players may stream from the Spectator slot.

Scheduling/Forfeits: The first game of each round will generally begin at the specified time. Forfeits will be reported to the Discord channel by the team captain.

Stoppage of Play Procedure: A Player experiencing technical issues on either team, or a teammate of such a player, may call for a restart of the game prior to Game of Record  being established for significant Issues without requiring agreement from the opposing team.

The Player requesting a restart must be experiencing one of the following Issues:

A hardware malfunction (e.g. equipment failure)

Physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture)

Software Failure (e.g. crashing) or Disconnecting

Other extreme or extenuating circumstances (e.g. household emergency).

Severe lag (>150ms ping) if it is suspected that the individual server (not the region) is at fault. If connecting to a new server does not fix the issue, and other players are not experiencing the issue, this procedure should not be repeated.

While pausing cannot occur in a Private Match, the Game may be re-created for these circumstances. It is recommended to change the Series Length to Unlimited and keep track of Game wins manually, preferably in external communication.

If a Player Issue occurs after GOR is established, the Game may be restarted if agreed to by the opposing team. Otherwise, the shorthanded Team will continue to play out the single Game within the Series until the Player disconnects or the Issue is resolved.

A disconnected Player may rejoin at any time. After a disconnect, if the Player cannot rejoin, any other Player from the shorthanded team may join during the Game, using one of the team’s allowed substitutions.

If the disconnected Player is unable to join the Game prior to the next Game in the series, the Player’s Team may either substitute another Player from their roster or continue shorthanded.

In the event of a game server crash, the Game Lead will determine next steps.

A game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where all players (six or four typically, five in the case on an intentional 2v3, seven in the case of an intentional 4v3, etc) have loaded in, the game clock has been started (no longer reads 5:00), and some significant in-game event has occurred (as defined below). Prior to all three of these conditions being met, if a serious issue has occurred, players should stop play and restart the match, or contact the Game Lead to assess the situation. Once a game attains GOR status, the game will be considered as “official” from that point onward. After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only by agreement between both teams or with Game Lead approval.

Significant events, any of which satisfies the third condition for establishing GOR:

A goal is scored

A shot on goal is made (as defined by in-game detection)

A shot is saved (as defined by in-game detection)

A vehicle is demolished


ShRocket League Rulesould you have any queries about our Rocket League Rules please contact a member of the team

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