Rocket League Tournament – Business Esports

Business Esports Rocket League Tournament runs online from the comfort of players homes.

Our Rocket League tournament has the benefit of being cross-platform and open to anyone with an Xbox, PC or PlayStation console.

Entries are now open for colleagues or business connections to form a team of 4 (subs optional) and enter under your company name.  Your company can submit multiple teams and individuals or pairs can be paired up to play with others in similar positions.


18:00 Start on Game Nights:

League Matches every Thursday (4th Nov, 11th Nov, 18th Nov)

Knockouts & Finals Night – Thursday 25th

Each match will consist of up to 5 games. The games will be played in a custom playlist with the arenas chosen by each team alternately.

There will be two stages: Initial group stage section where teams are awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.  The tournament will then progress into separate tiered knockout stages, Platinum and Gold Sections.

Team size required will be 3 players plus subs Teams must have a minimum of 3 players to avoid forfeit. Team captains may both agree to play 4 vs 4 in advance.

Full rules can be found on our website here.

Part Participants

Price includes:
  • Tournament management with dedicated responsive admins
  • Access to our live chat
  • Live scoring system
  • Branding opportunities such as backlinks from your logo to your website
  • Networking opportunities such as player profiles with links to your LinkedIn profiles included in tournament schedule page
  • 10% charity donation.

£250 + VAT per team entry

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