Xbox Tournament January

This webpage will host the Xbox FIFA Tournament January updates.

Here you will be able to find your group position as well as your upcoming fixtures.  It is advised that all players in each group add each other as friends on their console in advance, you will find the players gamertags in the fixtures worksheets.

To find your fixtures, click on the group worksheet on the bottom left-hand corner of the spreadsheet to find your relevant game night.  For example to find your fixtures for Tuesday 19th January you would click on the ‘3v3 Fixtures Tues-Thurs’ worksheet to find your teams fixtures.

Each block of fixtures constitutes one ‘match’ i.e. CarFinance 247 v Mills & Reeve has 9 fixtures with each player from each team playing each other once.  Fixtures are broken into halves so teams will play two half matches each evening with the overall matches being decided by the accumulative aggregate scoreline of all the 9 fixtures in one match.

To find your current standing in the ‘Matches’ these will be in the ‘Tournament’ worksheet with time and date outlined on there you then you must navigate to the relevant fixture worksheet to find your fixtures.

The scores will be updated live as we receive the confirmed results from both players and you can check here to keep up to date with your teams progress by refreshing the page.

Players must be familiar with the rules before taking part and you can find these here.

If you have any problems or issues reading the FIFA Tournament January spreadsheet please drop us an email by clicking here

FIFA Tournament Sponsored By

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Ethos Team

Name/Job Title: David Wright, Account Executive
Gamer Tag:
First console: Atari
Favourite Game: FIFA
Favourite Gaming Memory: Getting a PS1 for Christmas
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: An opportunity to support a great charity, network with partners, colleagues & hopefully prove to myself I can still play at a high level.

Name/Job Title: Tony Collard, Sales Director
Gamer Tag: Charl13 FC
First console: Xbox
Favourite Game: FIFA
Favourite Gaming Memory: Setting up a Cambridge United team in Ultimate Team to beat Real Madrid!
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: To support good causes whilst reinvigorating a football career in the virtual world that was sadly lacking in the real world.

LexisNexis Risk Team

Name/Job Title: Richard Saunders  / Manager, Consultative Services
Gamer Tag: Phy6rjs
First console: Atari 2600
Favourite Game: Sensible Soccer
Favourite Gaming Memory: All the lost hours playing Championship Manager in the early 90s

Name/Job Title: Chris Hyett  / Business Development Director
Gamer Tag: Finster25
First console: Sega Mega Drive
Favourite Game: Paper Boy
Favourite Gaming Memory: Spending hours playing Goldeneye on the N64

Name/Job Title: Alex Rees
Gamer Tag: AngryJack1912
First console: Nintendo NES
Favourite Game: Halo 3
Favourite Gaming Memory: Playing hours and hours of 4-player Goldeneye with friends when I was younger.
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: I’m incredibly competitive and its for a good cause


Name/Job Title: Ceri Richards / SE Lead
Gamer Tag: DwayneDwibley
First console: SNES
Favourite Game: Mass Effect 2
Favourite Gaming Memory: Conning my parents to purchase a C64 so I could ‘learn to code’.
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Excuse to dodge childcare responsibilities for a good cause…

Mills & Reeve Team

Name/Job Title: James Windley, Senior Advisor Central Inception Team
Gamer Tag: CuboidAce90
First console: Playstation
Favourite Game: FIFA
Favourite Gaming Memory: Buying my first playstation with (I think) Actua Soccer 2 (feel old now)
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Want to represent M&R!

Name/Job Title: Tom Hasoon
Gamer Tag: TheVerbalTitan
First console: Super Nintendo
Favourite Game: Fifa or mario kart
Favourite Gaming Memory: Countless nights in when younger drinking cans and playing fifa round mates houses
Reason for getting involved in Business Esports: Little else exciting going on in lockdown

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